Wany S.A. designs, develops, and licenses state-of-the-art robotic technologies, components, and mass-market mobile robotic products.

As Europe's leading robotic technology provider, Wany S.A. offers robotic technologies, global engineering and industrialization services. There is virtually no limit to the scope of applications that can benefit from the company's state-of-the-art embedded solutions. In fact, any device that can benefit from increased intelligence, autonomy, and interactive behavior can benefit from exisitng Wany solutions and custom adaptations. Wany makes it possible for brand name manufacturers and OEMs to build next generation robots, toys, accessories, and even PC peripherals.

Wany teams hold various skills and a strong experience in the area of Engineering. Wany provides one-stop solutions to the industry in various areas such as Electronics, Mechanical and Software development with a strong focus on achievement and success. For punctual needs on specific projects or for a longer-term strategy on R&D activities, the Wany Engineering division is alongside its customers and partners to shorten the time-to-market and meet the financial and agenda constraints.

Wany provides a complete line of robotic development tools and technologies. Wany products give educators, researchers, and robot enthusiasts a powerful platform for pursuing innovative robotic, electronic, and advanced mobile programming projects in a variety of different fields. From testing new algorithms to implementing custom plug-in cartridges to validating proof-of-concept designs, customers benefit from a significant technology lead with Wany's open and expandable solutions.

Wany licenses its technology products to toy, and consumer appliance manufacturers. We provide custom implementations of our technologies to meet customer needs in the most efficient possible way. Our integration and service engineers optimize, innovate, and propose solutions to continually satisfy stringent system and marketing requirements.

Key points

  • Wany S.A. provides the technologies that bring autonomy and mobility features to a wide range of everyday consumer products such as home appliances, interactive toys and PC peripherals.
  • Wany S.A. helps manufacturers of electronic consumer products create sought-after products with cutting-edge features in a feasible and cost-effective manner.
  • Wany S.A. gives manufacturers a competitive advantage by allowing them to:
    • - Produce innovative/differentiated products
    • - Add new features while keeping costs low
    • - Reduce development time and risk
    • - Benefit from Wany Robotics’ wide network of R & D resources
  • Wany S.A. focuses solely on providing low-footprint robotic solutions, rather than also trying to develop its own consumer products, which makes Wany S.A. faster and more flexible than its competitors.
  • Wany S.A. has a solid and experienced management team, several important patents (with more pending), a solid set of existing solutions, experience delivering consumer robotics solutions, and outstanding technology/resources.
  • Products that are "Animated by Wany S.A." have been shipping since 2002.